Well, unless you’re freakily naturally gifted, quite hard apparently (I’m sure you knew that bit already).


One man who is endeavouring to find out is Dan McLaughlin, a native of Portland, Oregan who, a couple of years ago decided to give up his day job and spend 10,000 hours on his pursuit to go from being an average everyday hacker to a tour pro enjoying fame and fortune.


Why 10,000 hours? It’s not by accident. Psychology Prof K Anders Ericsson at Florida State University spent a few decades researching what makes people excel in life and stated that anybody can become really good at anything if they dedicate 10,000 hours to that pursuit. So Dan thought, why not!


He’s currently 2,700 hours and 2 years into his epic journey and down to a single figure handicap. So far, so good. But as we all know, getting from single digits to the magical scratch is the tough bit.


Check out the full story in this month’s Golf Monthly or follow Dan’s journey at www.thedanplan.com


Let’s hope he makes it to the tour, it’ll give us all an excuse to knock off work early and head down the range!